Speaking of nude scenes, meet Rhea Jones.

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As close as Rebis comes to a nude scene.

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I’ll be honest, the Doom Patrol that existed between the end of the original series and the beginning of Grant Morrison’s run… just doesn’t interest me that much. I may take it on at some point, but I’m in no hurry.

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Continuing the fantasy cast into the Morrison era (a much stranger sequel, perhaps). I’d keep Duchovny and Gandolfini/Jones from the previous cast, of course, and add these four:

Miranda July as Crazy Jane. July doesn’t do much acting outside of her own work, but I like the idea of casting a performance artist as Jane, rather than a method actress. I think she could pull it off impressively, plus she has exactly the right look. I mean, right?

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Joshua Clay. Great actor, looks right for the part. Joshua is the team’s everyman, so the requirements of casting him are less specific. I just like this guy.

Chris Colfer as Rebis. I realize this seems like a really bizarre choice, but keep in mind the audience never sees Rebis unwrapped. I thought long and hard about who’s capable of seeming completely androgynous while wrapped up like a mummy and wearing a skinny tie, and Colfer came to mind. His voice is in between what we usually think of as male and female, and his background in dance will help him express himself with no visible face.

Isabelle Fuhrman as Dorothy Spinner. Orphan was a terrible movie, but I was really impressed with its young star. That film asked things of her that no child actress should be expected to do, and she totally pulled it off. And if she’s willing to play a criminally insane Russian dwarf posing as a young girl, she’d probably be up for wearing ape-face prosthetics to play a mutant with uncontrollable psychic powers.

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Going to get back into regular reviews soon (I just moved, so I’m getting back into the swing of posting in general). In the meantime, I made a fantasy cast for a too-cool-to-ever-happen live action movie about the original Doom Patrol.

James Gandolfini and Doug Jones as Cliff Steele, Robotman. Gandolfini has a great, rich voice with the same working class American dialect as Cliff Steele. More importantly, he imbues his tough guy characters with no small amount of pathos and heart, which is exactly the balance that the role requires. Doug Jones, meanwhile, is the go-to mask/movement guy of the moment, and I’m confident his robot walk would rival Peter Weller’s.

Sam Rockwell as Larry Trainor, Negative Man. Rockwell just exudes tons of personality in all his roles, through both his voice and his body language. Since Larry’s face is always covered in bandages, these skills will come in handy.

Cobie Smulders as Rita Farr, Elasti-Girl. She’s classically beautiful but- particularly if you’ve seen her on How I Met Your Mother- seems tough enough to be believable growing to giant size and punching a T Rex in the face. I mean, as believable as that’s going to get, anyway.

David Duchovny as Niles Caulder, Niles Caulder. Aside from the fact that he’s the right age and he looks great with a beard, Duchovny excels at seeming simultaneously likable and dangerously crazy. The Chief is usually not that likable, but for the sake of the movie it should be at least a little believable that the other characters would follow him. Duchovny’s charisma makes that possible.



“Dorothy Spinner, despite her freakish, ape-like appearance, is sweet, tender and no different in her hopes and dreams from any typical girl her age. Her friends, however, are unlike those of any other teenager - they are the Doom Patrol, the world’s strangest super-heroes.”

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Text: Mark Waid/art: Richard Case & Mark McKenna/colors: Tom McCraw

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I could not make this scan look good, despite my best efforts. Here it is anyway.

I could not make this scan look good, despite my best efforts. Here it is anyway.



Time for some Doom Patrol spam!  Let’s start with how awesome Rita is.  You guys, she’s SO AWESOME.

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Doom Patrol by Doc Shaner, for ComicTwart



I would kill to reboot the Doom Patrol for DC’s New 52, even if they have got a Robotman solo feature in My Greatest Adventure already.

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